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# Simple video uploading API

$ curl \
  -u <ACCESS_KEY>: \
  -F video=@video.mp4

Here you can find a description and guides for working with the Integros Video Platform, in particular, a description of the dashboard, player, content delivery network, analytics and much more.

If you need technical documentation, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with API References. We have different API references for each of the products and for the platform as a whole.

What is Integros?

Integros is a video platform that helps businesses make better use of online video to attract new customers, marketing, sales, etc.

API References

You can use our API to access different endpoints, which can get information on various projects, videos and encoding profiles in our database.

Platform API

Use this API for video management, uploading, projects, folders, tags, imports, playlists and more.

Go to the Platform API